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What we do

What we do
We provide the following services to women experiencing domestic abuse:

One to one support and information sessions at our base in Portlaoise. These sessions are face to face and provide an opportunity for you to sit down with someone to discuss your situation. LDAS will provide information about your options and advocate on your behalf, if necessary. Meetings may be arranged at other locations.

A court accompaniment service if you are applying for a Barring, Safety, Protection or Interim Barring Order. In addition, the court accompaniment service is available for access and maintenance hearings, criminal court hearings for breaches of domestic violence orders, and for judicial separation/divorce hearings.

A group support programme. Group work for women who have experienced domestic abuse to develop their belief in their own capabilities to produce powerful desired effects by their own actions, thereby managing stress and promoting strong mental health & physical wellbeing.

A counseling service. Therapists, trained to national standards provide counselling for women who are or have been experiencing domestic abuse.

A complimentary therapy service. Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Reflexology are the holistic complementary therapies available.

A referral service to refuge.

All of our services offer non-judgmental and confidential support to women who are experiencing domestic abuse in Laois. A financial contribution is required for our counselling and complimentary therapy services, all other services are free.

Referral Process
Call 057 86 71100 for an appointment Monday - Friday between 9.30 am + 12.30pm and 2.30pm + 4pm.

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