Court Accompaniment Service

Going to court can be intimidating and stressful. Our Court Accompaniment service is provided by our Legal/Criminal Justice Coordinator, who has specialist knowledge of the family law system and of the legal options available to women subjected to domestic violence and coercive control.

You may avail of the service if you need to: 

  • apply for a protection, barring, safety, custody, access and/or maintenance order
  • attend a family court hearing for a barring, safety, custody, maintenance and/or access order
  • attend a criminal court hearing for domestic violence or coercive control charges; or breach of a domestic violence order 
  • attend a family court hearing for judicial separation or divorce

This accompaniment is currently limited to Portlaoise court.  

This video explains how to prepare for your family court hearing and this on tells you how court business is conducted in the family law court.

The court service have also produced a video which aims to support victims of crime / vulnerable witnesses coming to court, so that they can see the courtroom setting in advance, and the various people that they might interact with on the day.